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Penis extenders have become a very popular means to enlarge the size of a penis. In fact, it has become even more popular than pills or crèmes, pumps and other different solutions that are offered on the market. The reason for this is simple – they are efficient, they are safe and their results are permanent. However, it might happen that people who have already purchased their own penis extender are still not sure how exactly they should wear it. Thus, this article will deal with some questions concerning the right way to use this amazing device.

To begin with, let us first explain how a penis extender works. In fact, its principle is based on traction which actually means stretching. Thus, once you apply the extender your penis will start stretching. However, there is nothing to worry about pain or discomfort for the high-quality extenders are made of very fine materials and the traction is only slight – so much that you will barely feel it and this traction will make tiny little tears in the tissue of the penis – which you won’t feel either.

Now, there will ensue a reaction from your body which will be creating new tissue in order to fill the missing space and to heal the tears that have occurred. Thus, over the time, you will have more and more of penis tissue and the more of it you have, the larger your penis will be. This is why it is essential that you wear your extender regularly – in order to reach best results.

As for how long you should wear it, it is recommended that you start with smaller periods of time. In fact, the best way is to wear it for about an hour during the first week and later on increase the period with the weeks. Thus, you should wear for two hours a day during the second week, for three hours during the third week and so on until you reach the sixth week. After the sixth week has ended, you can start wearing it for as much as you want, but still be consistent and wear it on a daily basis.

When it comes to the overall period of applying it, this will depend on how much you wish to achieve and, of course, it will vary from person to person since we are all different. Nevertheless, the results of a research show that after six months saiba mais the approximate gain in length is about one inch and a half and in the girth about half of an inch.

All in all, these are pretty much all the facts that you should be aware of in order to apply your penis extender properly and in order to reach best results. Thus, now that you know how it works and how exactly to use it, go ahead – get yourself a penis extender and very soon you will enjoy in the first results it will provide you with.

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