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When it comes to penis enlargement options, there is really a great variety of different choices. However, some that men most often choose for different reasons are usually medical (enlargement) surgery, different pills that are usually based on natural ingredients and, apparently, the most popular of all, penis extenders which are, in fact, devices that use science and mechanics to fulfill your desires. Thus, this article will provide some details on how to use these devices and hopefully, it will be of help to you.

First of all, a penis extender is based on the principle of traction which stretching. Thus, it stretches your penis in a way that is not harmful or painful and because of the mechanism, it is reasonable that an extender can be adjusted by every individual so that it fits his own size. Thus, the first thing you should do after you have out on your penis extender is adjust it according to your own penis so that there is only slight stretching.

Further on, since what happens when your penis is stretched is that small tears occur in the tissue of the penis, your body will respond with a certain reaction. In fact, it will start producing more of the same tissue in order to repair the newly occurred ‘damages’. In this way, your penis will gain more and more tissue over time. Thus, it is important that you wear the extender on a regular basis. It is recommended that you use it several hours a day, but you might want to start with shorter periods first. For instance, during the first week you can use it one hour a day and later on you can gradually increase this time. Of course, you should also adjust the length of the extender as the length of your penis increases as well.


As for the overall time of applying an extender, it will depend on the needs and wants of an individual. However, a research has shown that after several average men have used this device on a daily basis during the period of six months, they gained approximately one inch and a half in the length of their penis and half of an inch in the girth. For some, this is more than they need and, accordingly, they will reach the results they wanted in a shorter time and for those who want more than this, it will take some time longer.

In a nutshell, these are all the necessary facts you need to know about the way to use a penis extender. So, you should be careful about when adjusting it and make sure you do not stretch your penis too much and you should start with shorter daily periods and then gradually increase the time you wear the extender. All in all, the way to use it is very simple and once you put it on, everything will come to its place. Thus, hurry up and start making your own happiness.

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